Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I Survived!

Though I got several sympathy looks at the airport I flew with the three girls pretty effortlessly (considering that I had three little girls, lol). It was Grace's spring break and it had been too long since going to visit my parents in Spokane. It was a lot of fun just relaxing and doing our traditional Spokane things. Get ready for a bunch of pictures :)

The first thing that we had to do was make smores! My parents have a great fire pit and a perfect view. I love Abby's chocolate mustache.

My Mom prepared by picking up bubbles and play dough before we got there and both were a hit.

The girls love to go the Mobius Childrens Museum. Kate really enjoyed herself too. There's a table with running water and boats to play with. Kate just kept dipping her hand in and then running it through her hair. By the end her head was pretty soaked. We also always go to Riverfront Park and ride the carousel a few times. I love this picture of Kate on the sky ride.

On Saturday we had our fill of eggs! We dyed two dozen in the morning, went to the city Easter egg hunt, and had our own hunt. While my mom and I were hiding the eggs around the outside of the house the girls are going crazy trying to sneak peeks out windows and quietly slipping out through the garage.

If you're still ready, thanks for taking the time to look at all of these, lol. Only a couple more I promise. I never thought that I would have three matching girls on Easter Sunday, but it was a lot of fun. Poor Kate got woken up from a dead sleep to be taken outside in the cool breeze and crunchy grass for pictures. Oh, and it was time to go to church.

Now I'm home and already have a sink for of dishes. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted and I'm happy to be back in the swing of things. I didn't miss the snow though and it waited for me to get back home which was so nice wasn't it, HA. Hope you're all doing great.

xoxo until next time.

*I'm back! I just wanted to ease you mind and let you know that I've now done my sink full of dishes!*

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Good Stuff.

A few months back I came across this photographer Emilie, and I've been hooked on her blog ever since. I love her style, personality, and she has taken some gorgeous temple pictures that she sells. So I obviously had a tinge of jealousy when my sister-in-law, holly, posted last weekend that they had family pictures taken by her. Go and check out my totally photogenic family HERE. Little did I know that Holly and Emilie are actually friends. I hate to admit this since I'm so in love with pictures, but we have never had our family pictures taken (except if we were getting a huge family one taken and just happen to get ours in the mix). It's about time don't you think? I e-mailed Emilie and SHE'S COMING TO LOGAN ON JUNE 13TH!!! If you are a Cache Valley friend and would like to book a session with her she's offering:

I'm so excited! She'll also be here taking pictures of the temple! Here's her website so give her a jingle ;)

Last week Grace and Abby had their dance recital. It's always an entertaining experience to say the least. They both looked so cute and Corey's mom saved me by coming and being their own personal make-up person (they loved it). I did the old school sponge curlers in their hair and Abby was a little Curly Sue.

I've also been a big obsessed with hair clips over the past few weeks. My friend Andrea and I have been making them like crazy. It's been a lot of fun. This is probably a third of them, lol.

The hair clipping has tapered off a bit though and now I'm starting to sew again. I ordered this pattern and today I'm going to make the girls some Easter skirts and a dress for Kate. I never thought I'd be a big boutique clothing person, but I really have started to love it! I still don't think that I make any ruffled pants, but the dresses and skirts I can't stop drooling over.

In other news, did I eve mention that my brother Jon has started designing? Oh no, I didn't? Well he's an amazing artist so go checkout and buy some of his stuff. It's up in my shop.

Have a great day! xoxo until next time.