Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Week Three

So it turns out that my life is pretty uneventful for the most part. Not a shocker to me and I actually enjoy the mundane parts of my day for the most part. I didn't want to do Project Life at first because I thought that I didn't really have anything exciting to capture most of the time, but I think that's going to be part of the fun of it all. No matter what I put in the photo slots my kids are having a great time looking at it.

I was really having a hard time putting this last week together at first. I just sat and started at a picture on the computer screen and didn't know what I wanted to do with it. Then yesterday morning I woke up around five in the morning and it all just came to me. I guess it's all in the timing :) So let me introduce you to last week:

For this Sunday square I used this great free download by Cathy Zielske. For the Petshop square I used These are the days date cards by Emily Merritt.

Kate has really been painting like crazy lately and I love how she just does splotches everywhere. It took a lot of begging but she finally let me have one of her works of art. I sewed a little picture to the painting and also a little journal card from Emily Merritt's Project 365 journal cards. Corey is a bit fickle when it comes to liking clothes once he gets them home from the store. Since he's finally found pants that he loves I thought I better keep the tag for future reference. I also stamped the tag with my date stamp and stapled a project life grid card on for some extra journaling. For the beach day pic I used Amy Wolff's Mega Label Pack.

I dug into some of my old digital designs to use on this square. The plaid paper (recolored) and journal circle were from old kits. The notebook alpha was created by Jaime Young back in her digital designing days also. I just ran a stitch over the top of the title to give it a little something extra. Once the sewing machine was out I was just looking for more things to sew:)

I found this cute craft last week and knew the girls would love it and it would put my random things in my craft supply to good use. The green journaled on sticker is by SEI. I loved Grace's note to herself though the words came out lighter than I'd like so I might reprint it when I have a free minute. Letter G is also from SEI.

This was just something I thought would be fun to maybe look back at. It seems like we're always going through different food phases. Maybe I should do this same shot every year and see how it changes.

For this photo collage I used Designs by Lili's 4x6 photo collages no.1. The cute typewriter journal card is from Valorie Wibbens' Today journal cards. I've also realized that I really do like to do a little bit of doodling myself. After I get everything put together I'll look at it and see if there's any weird empty space looking back at me. If there is I start doodling. Love my little sharpie. I think every week might end up with some doodled stars and hearts, lol. I don't love my handwriting, but I've stared a habit of having a mix of type and handwritten journaling.

Our friends that we haven't hung out with in years came for a late night visit. It wasn't that late when they arrived, but wast almost one in the morning when they left and I felt bad they had almost a two hour drive home :( The lighting is horrible that time of the night/morning but I still had to get a shot of us together.

I love these Highlight of the week cards that Emily made and will definitely be using them every week this year. I love her doodley (I know that's not a word) style.

And very last we have another week of something funny from Kate. I found some chevron patterns for free and downloaded them, did some zig zag stitching, and then slapped on a flower sticker from SEI.

So there you have it. I was a bit lazy with my past last week so I thought I'd make up for that lol. Kate just yelled from the bathroom:
"Mom I need a towel, but when you come in don't look at the sink okay?"
I guess I better go. Have a great week!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Week Two

Two of my brothers, Jon and Devin, have been working on a children's app for a while now. They released it last week and it's been so fun to play with it. It called Mommy!! and it's FREE so check it out.

Last week" project life was a lot of fun to put together. Following Emily's advice I printed the outline of may layout and posted it on the fridge. As the week went on I'd jot down things to remember and ideas so that I wouldn't forget when I sat down to put it all together. It worked great. Here are a few pictures of what we were up to last week:

I used these lovely digital products:
Light the Way and the new Highlight of the Week cards (which I truly love) by Emily Merritt, Doodled Journalers by Kate Hadfield, Dated Tickets by Amy Martin, Mega Label Pack by Amy Wolff, 4x6 Photo Collages by Designs by Lili, Today Journal Cards by Valorie Wibbens

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Week One

I had a lot of fun trying to put last week all together. It took a lot of thinking so I hope that it comes easier as the weeks go by, lol. I'm sure I'll get into the groove pretty quickly. Doing project life is helping me to appreciate the small things that go on in my day-to-day life already too. Love it. Here's what was going on in our lives last week:

About a month ago I was reminded of this talk and decided that I wanted to focus more on this in my life. I also printed and inserted the talk so that I can reread it whenever I need.

The whole week:)

I picked up a lot of fun stickers, tabs, frames, etc. yesterday at the S.E.I. outlet. The green 3x4 sheet if from my SMASH Pad. I also used these lovely digital products:
Light the Way by Emily Merritt, Doodled Journalers by Kate Hadfield, Dated Tickets by Amy Martin, Mega Label Pack by Amy Wolff, 4x6 Photo Collages by Designs by Lili, Today Journal Cards by Valorie Wibbens

Monday, January 9, 2012

Dusting Off

Last May for my birthday I ordered myself some Project Life photo pocket pages and journaling cards. I love this take on scrapbooking and wanted get scrapbooking again. I was so excited to start, but didn't know where to begin. Needless to say after everything came I freaked myself out feeling like I had a ton to catch up on and everything got tucked away. Fast forward to last week. After looking at Emily's blog and having a great chat with her on the phone I was inspired again! Now that it's a new year I'm going to move past the guilt of not keeping up for the last few years (someday I'll go back, but for now I'm not going to worry about it) and start again. So let me introduce my album and cover page (click on the pics for an up close look):

The Lily-Pad designers just came out with some really fun products geared towards Project Life and Project 365. I used THESE photo collages by Designs by Lili which I can already tell I'll be using a lot. Love them:

I stapled these tabs from my smash book stash to the tops of THESE cards that I had the girls fill out and just have them stashed behind the photos.

Using a mix of different great products (black sharpie and staples included) I came up with this insert which I love how it came together. Emily has THESE great journaling cards for a free download if you like her on Facebook right now. I also used THESE by Amy Wolff, THESE by Kate Hadfield, and THESE by Valorie Wibbens

My first week is in the works and I should have it posted by Wednesday! It really feels good to feel creative again.