Monday, January 9, 2012

Dusting Off

Last May for my birthday I ordered myself some Project Life photo pocket pages and journaling cards. I love this take on scrapbooking and wanted get scrapbooking again. I was so excited to start, but didn't know where to begin. Needless to say after everything came I freaked myself out feeling like I had a ton to catch up on and everything got tucked away. Fast forward to last week. After looking at Emily's blog and having a great chat with her on the phone I was inspired again! Now that it's a new year I'm going to move past the guilt of not keeping up for the last few years (someday I'll go back, but for now I'm not going to worry about it) and start again. So let me introduce my album and cover page (click on the pics for an up close look):

The Lily-Pad designers just came out with some really fun products geared towards Project Life and Project 365. I used THESE photo collages by Designs by Lili which I can already tell I'll be using a lot. Love them:

I stapled these tabs from my smash book stash to the tops of THESE cards that I had the girls fill out and just have them stashed behind the photos.

Using a mix of different great products (black sharpie and staples included) I came up with this insert which I love how it came together. Emily has THESE great journaling cards for a free download if you like her on Facebook right now. I also used THESE by Amy Wolff, THESE by Kate Hadfield, and THESE by Valorie Wibbens

My first week is in the works and I should have it posted by Wednesday! It really feels good to feel creative again.


Emily said...

AAAAAAH Tiff...your first page ROCKS!!! I love the little pull tabs and the cute genius you! Love, love, love it! :)

Gingersnaps said...

Yeah! I 'm so excited, now i can bounce PL ideas off you too! I had no idea you were doing it! Love it! You are amazing!

Rachel Young said...

Gorgeous, friend!!

Mique (as in Mickey) said...

SO fun seeing my little printable peaking out of one of your pages. Love what you did!!! Thanks for the link to my post. xo