Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Feeling Green :)

Isn't St. Patrick's Day fun! A day where everyone in the U.S. wears green. We should have holidays for every color don't you think? This morning I made Grace a clover to wear to school. Of course Corey didn't have any green so he got chased out the door by two girls with pinching fingers :)

Kate is officially ONE! I'm still wondering what happened to the past year, but that's okay. She keeps taking a few step here and there, but the kids will get so excited that I think it distracts her and she falls, lol. Her mission these days it to get to the top of the stairs without me catching her. I usually have the gate up blocking and chance of that happening, but whenever I take it down and forget to put it back up for even the tiniest second, she's on her way up.

Saturday night we celebrated with pizza, cake, and presents. Oh, and Grandma, Grandpa, Erica, Ryan, Nicole, and Chuck (the fam).

This last one was Kate waiting for her cake. This one has a lot of patience as you can see. Needless to say there was one very chocolate filled bath at the end of the night.

Have a wonderful day! xoxo until next time.


Joni said...

How fun! I'm jealous of your craftiness. We are having a nice big green dinner tonight, though. I made green french bread, so I'm feeling fairly domestic myself.

Very brave to go the chocolate cake route. We always have yellow or white cake for first birthdays. Much easier to wash of walls and much less conspicuous if you miss some up the nostrils or in the ears. :)

Cindy and Seth Teague said...

That clover is too cute! Its fun having Seth's birthday on St.Patty's day. Everything is green! We do the tradition corned beef and cabbage with his parents every year. I love you're new header by the way, supper cute!

John, Melissa, and Braden said...

Looks like Kate had lots of fun! That clover that you made is so cute! You really are quite crafty.

Amie said...

Yes, I LOVE St. Patrick's day, and I do think we should have a holiday for every color. I can't believe our babies are turning one either. But what I REALLY want to say is- I wish I had that chocolate cake all over MY face right now! lol!

Gingersnaps said...

Oh shes's sweet! I love the clover, you are so clever! And Tiff, awesome job on losing 20 lbs - you are my idol! :)That takes a lot of dedication!

Sonnet said...

My goodness the girls wants cake!!!!!

Melissa said...

That picture of Kate waiting for her cake had me laughing! Looks like the wait was worth it though.

Cute clover for Grace's hair. Did you have a pattern or just whip that up?

Awesome new header, BTW.

Dana and Cynthia said...

Oh my goodness, Kate is such a cutie! I love when kids get messy with food its adorable. I don't think you can go wrong with those moments!
And that clover is so cute- you are so crafty & creative you'll have to teach me how to croche sometime! Oh yeah Kailai wore her shoes to church the other day she looked so cute!

Andrea Stocks said...

That's exactly what Sadie does when she wants food! I love the cake pictures on the first birthday. They're priceless.