Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Week Five

Ack! I've gotten a bit behind in my posting, but I vow to make up for it on my next post:) Week five actually came together pretty quickly for me, but it has been finding the time to post that has been the problem. So after feeding Ellie at 3:30am I decided that I could get a lot of things done by just staying awake, so here I am. Here's Week five:

So starting in this week I have jumped on the Instagram band wagon. It's so fun just taking quick pictures here and there. I purposefully didn't take any cameras with us on our Saturday outing so that it would just be an Instagram collage. Love it.

The middle picture has a tag that Grace donated from her friend who brought her cookies during the week.

This week's question of the week the girls didn't even have to think for a second what they'd write about. On the other hand Corey and I are still pondering, lol.

Now I've got to get down to business and finish my week six. Hopefully I'll be posting again in a few days and along with the next week's pictures have a freebie that has been floating around in my head for a while now. Wish me luck on finding a few minutes to do it. Have a great week.


Anonymous said...

This week is adorable! I love the instagram collage and the FHE collage!! So perfect!!! :)

Gingersnaps said...

Wahooo!! Love love love!!

Rebecca said...

Tiff! Love all the little detail you put into each week. Super cute!