Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Week Four

I can't believe how fast January flew by! Wow. Since I'm going to be reusing a lot of the same products to keep things simple throughout the year I thought that I'd post what products that I use each week on my side bar. So if you see something you like just click on the pic! So let's begin:

Please ignore the not so great lighting that I had to deal with in these pictures from my sister-in-law's birthday. Someday I'll have a house with amazing lighting even at night (is that possible?). The sewing machine is one that I doodled long ago.

I told the girls that if they were showered and in their pjs by the time Corey got home from work that we'd get ice cream (through the drive-thru of course). I should do that every Saturday night because they were so fast that they were sitting and waiting for awhile before we could go. Grace took up her time drawing pictures of getting ice cream. I just had to keep one.

True Kate personality.

One thing that I thought would be fun is to ask everyone the same random question each week.

Corey and I like to look at house plans online sometimes just for fun. We are definitely not anywhere near to the point of building, but it sure is fun to look. Turns out we're pretty picky and have never agreed on one until this one popped up:)

What a sweet face:)

Hope you enjoyed! Tingey if you're out there I proof read this week ;)


Anonymous said...

You always have so many great ideas...we do the question thing here, but never thought to put it in our book, guess I will now! :) And I love the dream home idea...

Ellie's picture is adorable! :)

Kate Hadfield said...

Oh Tiff, your project life is fabulous! I love the question of the week idea especially! Thanks for sharing - I *just* ordered some PL supplies and should be good to go next week!

Jerri Chan said...

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