Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Week Six

I'm getting caught up I promise, lol! I really don't want to get behind and I really am loving getting each week put together while I still remember details. Let me introduce you to week six:

Grace and Corey went on a daddy daughter date that week and brought home this first place certificate so I slipped it into a 8 1/2x11 sleeve and put a piece of art that Abby brought home on the other side.

We went to a little presentation for all of the kids turning eight and getting baptized this year. I slipped the invitation in after Abby colored it to remember that night. I started using the Turbo Fire dvds this week and instead of cutting up any of the papers I have from the set I just downloaded an image and printed it right onto my project life grid card with a little help from Paislee Press.

The girls bring home SO much paper it drives me a little crazy. I was getting a stack together to throw away when I was looking over a spelling test that Abby took and thought it might be fun to use a word that she wrote. That's where this word joy came from. The lego paper is an invitation folded in half the the girls got for a birthday party. The "hello" rectangle is thanks to my new Silhouette Cameo that my awesome husband bought for me. I just had to test it out :)

I love the look of doodles which is probably partly why (besides that fact that they're awesome ladies besides their artistic talents) I love the designs of Emily Merritt and Kate Hadfield so much . If you like doodles too here's something for you:

Enjoy! See you in a few days with week seven ;)


Anonymous said...

Love the freebie, thanks! :) I love that you included the baptism invite...I'll have to remember that for next year! And I love using the word from her spelling list. I've tried to figure out how to use Bryleigh's spelling list and that's the perfect way!! And I really love how you write on your photos! :)

Kate Hadfield said...

Oooh these are fun Tiff, thank you! Lovely to see you doodling again! :)

Milana said...

They are adorable Tiff! I am just loving this! Such great ideas!