Saturday, July 26, 2008

A Rolling Baby

I have to admit that I don't give Kate as much "tummy time" as I should. Please don't stone me, hehe. I was thinking yesterday how fun it would be if she could sit. Then I realized that she needed to master rolling first. So I put her on her tummy and one second later she was on her back. She had just been waiting this whole time to show me her new trick and I wasn't giving her the chance :)

I'm sorry, you're going to have to tilt your head 90 degrees to watch it, lol.

For the 24th we took the kids to see Grandma and Grandpa Duke which was fun. There was good food, games and swimming. Today we're waiting for Grandma Pitcher to come and spend the night for a few nights and the girls are so excited. That means I better get cleaning I guess :)

If you know me at all you know I'm a "crafter." I love to create things by hand for my digital designs and I've also really enjoyed doing a bit of sewing lately. One of my favorite places to shop, get inspiration from, and just waste time is Etsy. Well about a week ago I decided to take the plunge and open my own shoppe there! Well I just created it and now I need to start creating things to put in it. I'll let you know when it's up and running and stocked! I have a few things that I'm working on so stay tuned for that.

Have a wonderful weekend!

xoxo until next time!


Jaime said...

So cute!! :) Etsy address STAT!!!

whatkatiedid said...

oooooooOOOOHHH! A Tiff Etsy shop, how exciting! I sense lots of fun felt goodies in the offing!