Saturday, September 13, 2008

This and That

I've been thinking, and thinking, and thinking about how I need to post, but for some reason when I walk past the computer I have no desire to be on it! That's a super shocker for me :) My mind has been on so many other things lately. I've realized how much I dislike homework as a Mom even, lol. Grace has it everyday and she also started piano lessons almost two weeks ago. I now have become a total naggy mom. I hate it! Grace NEVER wants to practice and she's so stubborn that I really feel like pulling my hair out. It's really important to us that she takes piano and she was really excited about it at first too. If you have any great ideas for me please send them my way. Abby started preschool last week and is loving it. She feels so important opening up her backpack when we get home and showing me everything she did that day. Here she is on her first day:

Last weekend I was invited to a baby shower for Lindy (Corey's cousin's wife). She is super sweet and we've become good friends just from the few times that I get to see her a year. The shower was in Eagle Mountain so it was a great opportunity for the kids to get to have a sleepover with the cousins (Simon, Isaac, Anna, Nick, and Lizzy) the night before. We're always looking for excuses to visit them anyway. I picked Grace up from school on Friday and headed straight down. On Saturday morning Sara, Louise, and I headed to IKEA while Jon was nice enough to watch the kids (or at least most of them). We hadn't even been there five minutes when I heard my name and couldn't believe my eyes when I saw Emily standing there. Of course we both had cameras with us, lol. I was so good to see her and I still am shocked that we were both far from home and we ran right into each other.

Today I'm taking Chuck and Nicole's engagement pictures. No, I've never done that before, so cross your fingers for me :) I'll post the results early next week. I guess that's about all that's keeping this family going these days, but that's definitely enough for now. Hope you're fabulous! xoxo until next time.


Emily said...

Oh I'm sorry Grace doesn't like piano! Keep with it though, she will be happy you insisted in the end! :)

I am still so excited that we ran into each other at Ikea!! That was so much fun!

We are feeling better here, thanks! Now if only I can keep it gone and gone for good!! :)

Sonnet and Dave said...

My heck....I think im a nagging mother as well!! I think a nagging wife too!! I need some help myself. hehe

whatkatiedid said...

LOL I just bought that rug that Em has in her shopping trolley!! Gotta love Ikea, crossing international boundaries!

Melissa said...

Hey Tiff, here's my best advice on the piano stuff: when I taught, I used to have the students set their own practice goals--one goal for the number of times they would play the songs, and one goal for the number of days per week they would practice. Some kids would say they would play their songs four times and practice three days each week, others would play the songs two times and practice five days, etc. As long as the goal was reasonable, I was okay with it. It also helps to not have it based on time (like having to practice for ten minutes) because most of the time the kids just waste the time. If Grace plays her songs three times each, she will be done in less than five minutes, and that's okay. If the kids met their goals every week for a month, they got to pick a prize from the "prize bag" (courtesy of Dollar Tree). That little motivation worked wonders.

Also, see if Grace will show you what she learned at piano right after the lesson when it is still fresh in her mind. If kids wait a few days to practice, many times they can't remember how the songs go and get frustrated. If she is having trouble with this, you could also ask the teacher to spend more time on the new songs at the lessons.

Sorry for the super long comment. You now know everything I know about piano practicing. I think I will go nag my own kids now...

Rachel Young said...

now where do I start....Doo i start by reprimanding you for not stopping by when you were in EAGLE MOUNTAIN?!?! hehehe...yes...that's where I'll start! Next time, call me, girl!! :) So fun to read your bloggie!