Saturday, September 27, 2008

Mish Mash

How to begin? How to begin? Well a few weeks ago Grace came home from school and told me about how a few of her friends had their ears pierced and how cool their earrings were. I asked her if it made her want to get her ears pierced and she said without hesitation "NO NEVER!!!" Fast forward one week later. We walked in the house after picking her up at school and she says "I'm read to get my ears pierced." That was a pretty short never :) So I sat her down and talked to her about it (not trying to scare her, but telling her that she'd actually get holes punched in her ears and it would hurt for a second). She still said that she wanted to do it. So I said that we'd head to the mall on Saturday. She was so excited the whole week and Saturday morning she woke up early wanting to get to the mall first thing. I really thought that Abby might even jump on the bandwagon after she saw Grace do it. So we finally made it to Claires and Grace was super happy. She picked out the ones she wanted (pink ice) and she didn't even act nervous for a second. Then...

the first earring went in and the tears come pouring out (yes I'm regretting taking her somewhere where they only do one ear at a time). I felt so bad! Grace was covering both ears and saying that she didn't want to do it anymore. It took me at least ten minutes to talk her into taking her hands down. In the end I held her in my arms while she had the death grib around my neck for the last earring. Needless to say after watching Grace I will be surprised if Abby EVER wants to get her ears pierced.

I've been really really trying to figure out how I can totally dejunk and organized my house lately. It's coming along slowly, but I think I'll eventually get there. Right now it's in that in-between stage where it looks messier than when I started (love that). In other news on Sunday I got called to be a Webelos leader. Since I have all girls I guess they thought I'd be perfect for scouts, lol. I'm a bit nervous :)

I got to hang out with Emily, Ging, and Ange on Tuesday which was a lot of fun! Emily's computer crashed and so she brought it to Logan to get fixed. I don't know that I'd go as far to say that I'm happy that her computer crashed, but it was sure great to see her.

I guess that's about all that's going on around these parts. I'll leave you with some pics of Kate having a great time pretending to drive (the vehicle was not in motion at the time) :)

Have a great weekend and xoxo until next time.


jim and jessica said...

Hey, my fellow scout leader! I'm the Bear Den leader in our ward, so I totally feel your pain. (Except that I actually have boys.) Good luck!

Gingersnaps said...

Oh, sounds tramatic! I think Grace's new earrings are beautiful! We'll be chatting about Weblo's!

Melissa said...

Cute earrings! So sorry it was traumatic, though. Good luck with Webelos!!
(and cute new header, BTW)

Laura & Brad Williams said...

Hey Tiffany, Your blog is really cute. I'm glad Ginny told me you had one. Your girls are really really cute too!!