Wednesday, October 29, 2008

It's About Time...

I blogged :) What a crazy and fun time Fall is! October has flown by so fast I can't believe that Halloween is just two short days away. I still don't know what I'm going to be (I need a costume for the second annual Brady Halloween Party). If you have any great ideas throw them my way. So what's been going on with me you ask? Hmmm...good question. Well here are 12 things that come to mind:

1. We dogsat Panda for 10 days (the closest thing that the girls have to a cousin on the Brady side) while Ryan and Christa were in California
2. While we were at it we did a little fish sitting too. Dolphin is our neighbor Kaylee's fish :)
3. Grace got her first visit from the tooth fairy!
4. We did a little late night pumpkin picking (then painted them at home after some Little Caesars Pizza).

5. Volunteered in Grace's class a few times.
6. Hosted a bridal shower for Nicole. Lots of fun and you can't go wrong with a chocolate fountain.
7. Held a sick little Kate a lot (just a bad cold and some very sad eyes to go with it).
8. Helped prepare and attended a really great Enrichment night that's helped me put Christmas gift giving into perspective (will tell more later).
9. Went to the Pumpkin walk with my friend Milana and her kids. Here are a few characters we found along the way:

10. Signed up for this online class that I can't begin to tell you how excited I am for!!!!
11. Joined Weight Watchers last week! I set up a new blog that I'm going to be posting that part of my life to so check it later today and you'll see the first of many posts to come.
12. The girls and I made a mini road trip to see Emily, Bryleigh, and Jeremy last Saturday! It was a lot of fun seeing her new super stylish house, eat some yummy food, and just hang out and relax. Oh and a tiny bit of crafting in there. Emily was sweet enough to take some really cool pics while we were hanging Twin Falls. You're going to have to wait to see some though (Christmas cards in the works);) Thanks so much again Emily and I hope that you and Ray ate that cheesecake bar together. If not, you probably want to get it out of your van, lol.

On Friday I'll post picks of my little mermaid, rainbow fairy, and a baby giraffe! See you then.


Sonnet and Dave said...

I love the picture of them lined up along the wall!!! The pumpkin walk was fun.

angela said...

Hey cuz--just spying on you guys. . . you have such beautiful girls, seriously. Just wanted to say hi and glad you are doing so well!

Melissa said...

Tiff!!I love the look of your new blog! So cute! And I think the picture along the wall is great too. Where did you take it?

And please tell about the Enrichment night. I'm trying really hard to not be homesick, but I miss you all so much!! I'd love to hear how it went.

Cindy and Seth Teague said...

Hey Tiffany! Your blog is so cute! You are so good with stuff like this. I checked out your shop, but just real quick. I'll have to check it out and snag something! Thanks for the coupon!