Sunday, April 21, 2013

Random Digital 3x4 Cards FREEBIE!

As you can see if you scroll down a bit I pooped out of my project life last year. I got behind and then it was so crazy trying to catch up and I just ended up quitting. I love looking at the pages that I did finish and decided that I needed to try again this year. I decided that this year I'm sticking with digital pages (I'm truly a digital girl at heart). That way I don't have any excuses not to finish. I am really loving it and though at this very moment I'm a little behind I know I can and will catch up. Doing this has also gotten me excited about playing around with digital elements again. So I thought it would be fun to create some cards for myself and anyone else that like them. Anything that I create I'll post here so you can snatch and use it in anyway you'd like. Personal use or commercial is fine too. I'd love to see pics if you end up using any of these cards. Enjoy! Just click HERE to download!


joelsgirl said...

These are awesome, Tiff! I'm always crushin on anything you design!

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