Friday, January 15, 2010


I really am thankful for the weekend and I'm excited that Corey has the day off tomorrow. The girls have been in and out of school this week due to parent teacher conference and man has it been crazy! Lots of fun, fighting, crying, and good times, lol. I really have to have a plan when they're out of school to make things go a lot smoother. They're out again on Monday so I better think of some fun things to do. I also finally got my etsy store up and running! I have plans on making some other fun things over the weekend to get the store stocked. Here are some of my pictures from this week:

Love this recipe (though cut the cayenne in half if you don't want your mouth on fire)!

Have a great weekend!


Seth and Cindy Teague said...

Yay, you're etsy store! Can't wait to check out all your creativeness!

Jodi said...

Good for you, Tiffany! You are SO creative! I wish I had your flair and I LOVE your photos!! And to make me even more envious, you are beautiful!! Good luck with the etsy store. I, too, can't wait to have a look. Happy 2010 and keep the photos coming.