Saturday, January 2, 2010

Day 1

One of my many resolutions this year is to use my camera more and to get excited about it again. I'm finally going to join many of you this year and be a project 365 participant! I'm off to a great start :)

Yesterday we were all being pretty lazy hanging out in our pajamas. That's when our friends the Radfords came knocking with a snowmobile and sled in tow. The girls threw on their snow clothes as fast as they could and had a great time riding. Corey even got coaxed on and didn't want to get off once he was riding. It was a lot of fun and Meg even had a great time chasing them. Kate lasted a few times around, but mostly stayed in my arms and watched. It was a fun way to start the new year. Today I'll also be working on another resolution called organization :) Wish me luck.

I hope you are all off to a great 2010!

ps. I did come up with a homemade gift for the girls afterall. I'll take pics today.


Emily said...

YAY!!! Glad you're doing P365! :) I love that cute!

Gingersnaps said...

Hi Tiff! I wanna see pics! We should really get together, i really miss ya!