Friday, February 27, 2009

Friday Favorites

So I am an internet junky if you didn't know already :) There are so many things that I love and get inspiration from out there it's just endless. Today I'm going to show you some owls that I'm loving right now :)

One of these will be in my kitchen someday

These are trick or treat bags, but I might have to do a twist on this and make some Easter baskets :)

I need some kid clips and I love this one and this one too:

and these too!

I've had these bookmarked for the longest time and I really am going to make some one of these days:

These are just a very few of the adorable owls out there. What's inspiring you right now?


Amie said...

Love the owls! What is a kid clip? It would be a really cute barrette.

Milana said...

They are all so cute! I love the last little notepads! Those would be fun to make with the kids one day!

Veronica Tyler said...

Your gils are adorable! I linked though facebook.... Just in case you were wondering -

Where are you living now?

You can visit my blog at

5joys said...

So cute!