Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I Think it Might Have Worked!

The flip flips and capri pjs worked their magic. Today it's clear skies and the beautiful sound of melting snow pouring off the house fills the air :) I tried to go jogging with Abby and Kate while Grace was at piano. Abby said that she'd ride her bike, but only a block away she said she was too tired to keep up with me and so we ditched the bike and she rode. That added weight killed me and man was I tired, lol. Even though it's super sunny a block away from home big balls of hail started falling from the sky and we were getting pelted like crazy! Anyway it's amazing how a little sun can really make a differenct. Hope you're having a good day too.


Jodi said...

Oooh! Are you a Beatles fan, too?? And good for you for jogging with all of your kids in the stroller. Sheesh! Amazing!

5joys said...

I noticed you have joined our organizing party! Welcome! I just wanted come over and say, "hi". And I'm glad I did - my 2 little boys are gonna love those monsters! Thanks for the great idea!

Andrea Stocks said...

I really don't know if I know anyone with worse spring fever than you. Wearing flip flops and capris and jogging in the hail? That's quite the dedication. Keep up the good work, it's bound to work eventually. :) Next time you go jogging (and it isn't hailing) call me, maybe I'll go with you. MAYBE!