Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My First GIVEAWAY!!!

Just for fun I thought I'd jump in on the "giveaway" bandwagon :) Hope you'll join me for the fun. I probably should have put the kids to bed before the video, lol, but it's too late now. Now it's time to push play:
You have until Friday night to comment! Everyone's welcome:)


mindy said...

I wish I had a little girl! So cute. You are such a cute Mom and your girls are adorable.

Gingersnaps said...

THAT IS TOO FREAKING CUTE TIFF!Your girls are just like you!! You made me smile tonight, thanks! :)

susie said...

Hey Tiff!!! I'm so entering your giveaway (you need to go to my blog and enter mine...just one more day!)

So...something I love...hugs from my kids! They're the best! When I was in Hawaii and had to be away from them...I missed their hugs the most!!!

And, I have 2 little girls that would benefit from the down the road!

You are such a cutie! I have been wanting to do a video post, but haven't yet! You're inspiring me!

Cindy and Seth Teague said...

What a cute idea! Your girls are so stinking cute! I love the wood floor by the way, thats exciting!

Stocks Family said...

Nice floor! I'm coming to see it tomorrow. :)

Some things that I love are.....(drumroll please)...... The way that Ray has been so sweet and so extra nice and loving toward me and the girls since he's been traveling so much.

When I get hugs and kisses from my girls. What can be sweeter than that?

And I love that you are my friend. And that our girls can be friends. (Ok, now I'm just sucking up) :) JK

Joni said...

Wow, you look so good and that hat is adorable and your girls are super adorable.

Congrats on the new floor.

Something I love - Pedicures. I don't get them often, but they are a fun splurge now and then. I also love newborn baby smell (something I get to experience all the time right now *grin*).

Jenny said...

Hey Tiff,
Cute kids. I have three boys. Maybe we should get them together in the future.

I love high thread count sheets. More than anything. Even my kids. Well not really, but almost.

crazygirl said...

HAAAAAAAA that was the cutest video clip.. you and your girls are so sweet!
jenna would look ADORABLE in that lil hat... :)
and for one thing i love...
it's too hard to choose just one.. so i'll be cheesey and say...
digi or are a ROCK STAR! -Jacque

Melissa said...

Such a cute video! Elise thought Abby was waving at her :). Congrats on the new floors, too--that's exciting!

Something I love? Warm weather. Bring it on.

Holly said...

Love the hat, love the floor! And the kids had fun watching the girls! And the thing I love....naps, me or the kids doesn't matter!

Sonnet said...

Brooklyns too old for that hat. DANG IT....that is a neat idea!!!! NICE FLOOR!

Courtney Zadik said...

I love my daughter Mackenzie because she is such a sweet girl and gives me hugs and makes me sad cause she still does not have much hair and everyone says she looks like a boy...she would love that hat! Happy Valentines Day!