Sunday, June 21, 2009

Gotta Love Dads

As this day is now ending I want to take a moment to introduce you to the dads in my life.

First up I'd like to say how much I love my husband Corey. Our three girls are so blessed to have him as their dad. He is the best snuggler, wrestler, monster, and dead horse (Abby likes the horses to be alive when she rides them, but that's okay).

Second, is my dad. He really is the coolest. He really is someone that I look up to in so many ways. I've loved more than anything seeing him as a grandpa. My girls couldn't love him any more than they do. He is so great with them and always makes sure to make time just for them.

Third, is my father-in-law Shawn. I've known him for a little over nine years now and he's always made me feel at home. He is a great with the girls and would do anything for them.

and finally my other father-in-law, Gordon. He's my load, crazy, ZZ Top singing father-in-law. He just recently moved closer which has been a lot of fun. The girls have a great time with him and he's always making us laugh.

I'm very blessed to have these men in my life. They're all completely different from each other and I love them all in such different ways. I hope that they know how much I love and appreciate them for who they are in my life. Yeah for dads!

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Joni said...

Oh, look how cute your dad is! He makes a great grandpa.