Saturday, June 6, 2009

Hurray for summer!

It's finally here! That thing called summer vacation!! Abby's been asking for about a month when it's going to be summer. She's actually asking when her birthday is with that question (in the winter I told her that her birthday wasn't until summer), but that's okay. I think we're going to make a countdown chain to her birthday because she really can't wait until the middle of July and I'm really getting tired of telling her when her birthday is.

I have been really trying to play around with my camera in the manual settings lately. When I first got home from the workshop, I snapped a few pictures and they turned out completely black, lol. I've actually gotten better since then, though I still am not sure what I'm doing. Here are a few from the other day:

Grace's party was yesterday and it was pretty fun. I hope the girls thought so too. I gave the girls some flip flops and a spa robe (white t-shirts cut up the middle and a tie cut from the bottom hem) when they walked through the door. They first had facials which Corey's mom did. After a quick game we headed outside to the different stations. There was the manicure station, the body glitter creating station, and a table to decorate sleeping eye masks. As the girls were doing that (Corey's mom and sisters kept the girls busy) I worked on getting lunch ready and outside onto another table. As soon as lunch was all set up, it started to rain! So I grabbed the food and brought it inside. Grace had a great time so I guess it was a success. Now I get to plan a water party for Abby!

Since we didn't get to eat outside at the party, I thought we should eat outside for dinner. The girls and I grabbed subway sandwiches and had the picnic table all set up as Corey pulled in the driveway. He's not a huge fan of eating outside, but I really love it (even if it's just in our front yard), so I hope that he starts to enjoy it one of these days, lol.

The one thing with photography that I don't know if I've figured out or just gotten luck with is finally being able to freeze time! Whenever I tried to take an "action" shot before it would be completely blurred. I told Abby to twirl last night and this is what I snapped.

Have a wonderful weekend. xoxo until next time.

ps. If you have any fun summer activities ideas that are super cheap or free please send them my way!


Becky said...

Sydney had a great time! I don't know where she got the girly girl in her, but that was her kind of party. She loved it! Thanks a ton!

Joni said...

What a great idea. The robes thing is genius! Looks very fun.

The photos look great. I'm sure you'll be amazing for you first real gig. :)

Jessica and Jim said...

What a fun party! I might call you in 4 years so you can remind me what you did, and I'll copy it for Portia!

Milana said...

Aurianna had a blast...Thank you so much!!! She hasn't put her little bag down since she got home! It was a hit!Thanks a ton!

Dana and Cynthia said...

You are so creative! It looks like her party turned out super cute. And the pictures are really cute too, I've been trying to get creative with pictures but she's gotten to the point where she doesn't want to stay

Sonnet said...

What cute pics!! Reminds me of reading about little girl parties in the magazine.