Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Presents & Pancakes

The last few days have been crazy! As many of you might or might not know, I turned 30 on Friday. It was a pretty low key day with a few fun surprises along the way :) A sweet friend in my ward made me her carrot cake that is seriously "to die for." That in itself made me smile just looking at it all day, lol. I probably gained 5 pounds eating that yummy cake.

My mother-in-law surprised me with this owl that is now keeping watch over my kitchen!

On Saturday I went to Emilie's photography workshop which was a lot of fun. It really made me even more excited about photography. I am so completely clueless about ISO, shutterspeed, and Aperature though, ugh. Need to figure those out. Then I hit Tai Pan and bought some fun things.

This week I'm in party mode gearing up for Grace's bash. I decided to change gears with the invites since she's having a pampering party. This is the picture that I ended up using (thanks so much for your ideas though):

While we were delivering a few last minutes invites on Monday the girls were noticing how many kids were running around in their smimsuits. So we finally broke out the suits and the sprinkler for a little (very little) water fun. Kaylee joined them and they had a great time splashing and they said they were having a cheese and water party :)

Yesterday Grace officially turned 7! When Corey was growing up they opened all of their presents in the morning and when I was a kid we waited until that night (before cake and icecream). I gave Grace the option and of course she chose morning. I don't mind, but all of our birthday pics are going to feature bed head.

I can't believe she's 7 already. That's probably why I'm 30 already, lol.

I hope to have some fun party pics here in a few days to show. Summer vacation starts tomorrow and I'm realizing that I'm not quite ready, but still excited. Before I go, here's a picture of Kate doing something that she really enjoys. I take one finger out and the next one goes in. Have a great day!

ps. I realized that I didn't even mention pancakes in my post, lol! When I was a kid, we would have ice cream on our pancakes when it was a special day. I still like the thought, but Corey thinks it's weird. So yesterday for Grace's bday we had pancakes, but with cool whip (still good, and not at wierd I guess).


Jodi said...

I love your photos. Very very cute! You are so talented, Tiffany. Your kids are lucky. I'll bet they have the cutest, most creative birthdays in town!

The Voss' said...

K.. so that pic you used for Grace's invitations so totally looks like you!!!
Your girls are all so beautiful! I love ice cream and strawberries on waffles (thanks to grandma). John thought it was really weird too until he tried it. Now he wants the ice cream every time I make waffles!

Milana said...

Happy Birthday Grace! Aurianna cannot wait until Friday! That cake seriously has me drooling at the screen!